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GraphQL Security & Static Analysis

September 2019

For this September 2019 edition of Sydney GraphQL, we've got a couple of interesting talks as well as free food and drinks to round out your night's edutainment!

Brought to you with ❤️ by Alembic and Microsoft Reactor.

See you there, Paul, Josh, and James


Drew Thomas

Confident GraphQL API Refactoring with Static Analysis

GraphQL Usage is a static analysis tool that can help developers understand how their GraphQL API is used in their frontend code. I'll be running through how GraphQL Usage uses Babel, GraphQL.js, and ASTs to report on GraphQL API usage and how this information can be used — along with other tools — to refactor GraphQL APIs with confidence.

Vasyl Boroviak

Fully Secure GraphQL HTTP Queries

Do you develop for banks or other secure institution? Have you ever thought that your website communication to server can be easily reverse engineered? With modern web development tools you can fully secure your app communication with the server. This talk quickly explains how you can do that with little effort using HTTP and GraphQL.

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Paul Fioravanti

Josh Price

James Sadler

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