Looking into the Future of GraphQL

Realtime and Serverless APIs

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We’re bringing together everyone who is as excited about the potential of GraphQL as we are.

We’ve got an inspiring lineup of speakers to help introduce you to GraphQL and show you how it can help you build better APIs faster than ever.

We’ll be trialling an incredible new venue too, thanks to Domain.

Some light food and drinks will be available thanks to Alembic.

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Can’t wait to see you there!

Josh, James and Suzie

  • Dave Parry
    GraphQL 101

    by Dave Parry

    A short intro to practical GraphQL basics to get you up to speed quickly.

  • Sputnik Antolovich
    Serverless GraphQL APIs

    by Sputnik Antolovich

    An exploration of how Serverless (or Functions as a Service) are being used to back GraphQL APIs.

  • James Sadler
    Real-time APIs with GraphQL Subscriptions

    by James Sadler

    One of the features that gives GraphQL a major advantage over REST is it’s ability to take advantage of persistent connections and provide real-time updates to connected clients.

    Now that subscriptions has finally been merged back into the GraphQL spec, incorporated into the major server implementations and HTTP/2 usage in on the rise, it’s time to take full advantage of this feature.

    James will demonstrate how you can use this in your own applications. He’ll present a demonstration of Apollo Client 2.0 connecting to an Absinthe backend using the power of Phoenix Channels.

GraphQL Sydney Community

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