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Realtime and Serverless APIs

December 2017

We're bringing together everyone who is as excited about the potential of GraphQL as we are.

We've got an inspiring lineup of speakers to help introduce you to GraphQL and show you how it can help you build better APIs faster than ever.

We'll be trialling an incredible new venue too, thanks to Domain.

Some light food and drinks will be available thanks to Alembic.

Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Can't wait to see you there!

Josh, James and Suzie


James Sadler

Real-time APIs with GraphQL Subscriptions

James will show us the power of GraphQL Subscriptions and how you can implement this functionality in your own applications to bring them alive.

Dave Parry

GraphQL 101

Dave will walk us through the basics of GraphQL and how to build and consume your own APIs.

Sputnik Antolovich

Serverless GraphQL APIs

GraphQL and Serverless are a great match, because GraphQL servers are naturally stateless. Sputnik will show us some architectural options for easily deploying your APIs in the cloud.

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Josh Price

James Sadler

Suzie Price

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