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First GraphQL Sydney meetup for 2020


Welcome to the first GraphQL Sydney meetup for 2020!

After some feedback from members last year, we have changed our schedule for this meetup from the 3rd Wednesday of every second month to the 3rd Thursday of every second month. We hope this change will make it less difficult for you to map out your own personal tech meetup schedule!

To kick off the year, we've got some great talks you're sure to not want to miss!

See you there, Paul, Josh, and James


Aliaksei Kuncevič

Angular GraphQL Magic

Do you have GraphQL API that you want to consume in your Angular app? Do you want to learn how to generate services and TypeScript classes ready to be consumed within your Angular app? I will show you some best practices for how to integrate GraphQL in to your Angular app with 0 lines of boilerplate. I will also demonstrate how to generate all the code your Angular app needs to interact with existing GraphQL server.

Simon Arneaud

Scaling GraphQL websites

Simon will talk about the various things you'll need to understand once your site experiences growing pains: HTTP and other network details, website design considerations, caching and the user experience of performance.

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Paul Fioravanti

Josh Price

James Sadler

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