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GraphQL Sydney December 2023


Welcome to the final GraphQL Sydney meetup for 2023. We're in-person, and online, so come and join us from wherever you are!

We've got some awesome talks lined up!

GraphQL Sydney is made possible by our sponsors:

  • Hasura - Food and drinks
  • Alembic - Meetup organisation/management
  • Microsoft Reactor - Venue and AV

Alembic are passionate about GraphQL and building great web tech. If you, or someone you know, has any development projects that need expertise, whether starting fresh, or extending an existing one, please get in touch!

Hope to see you (either in-person or virtually) at the next meetup!

Josh and Mike


Dan Starns

Behind the Queries: Debugging GraphQL Like a Pro

When resolving a GraphQL query, lots of operations could be happening under the hood. How much do you really know what's going on? With tools like Network Inspector only giving you the first part of the equation ‘browser to server’, you are left to your own devices. In this talk Dan will get you debugging GraphQL like a pro!

Adam Malone

Transcending Microservices Hell for Supergraph Nirvana

If you've worked in technology for longer than a couple of years, you'll have taken a ride on the architectural see-saw. After throwing out your monoliths with the proverbial bathwater and going all in on microservices, you decide that actually the microservices suck too and you're going back to the monolith. Every few years the trends seem to change with organizations switching architecture patterns when existing technology solutions don't quite fix what are often the business-derived problems of data ownership, access management, privacy, storage, and mapping. In this talk, Adam will provide insight into backends for databases, and why many organizations are starting to create their own graphql-based data supergraph.

Taylor Nodell

Introducing GraphWeaver: From Database to API

Taylor will introduce us to GraphWeaver, which allows you to introspect a datasource, generate the resolvers, entities and a GraphQL schema. The talk will cover the GraphQL schema and how that works, the problems it solves and how the final output is generated through introspection queries and the use of a templating language.

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