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GraphQL Sydney February 2024


We're back for the first GraphQL Sydney meetup for 2024. We're in-person, and online, so come and join us from wherever you are!

We've got some awesome talks lined up!

GraphQL Sydney is made possible by our sponsors:

  • Alembic - Meetup organisation/management
  • Microsoft Reactor - Venue and AV

Alembic are passionate about GraphQL and building great web tech. If you, or someone you know, has any development projects that need expertise, whether starting fresh, or extending an existing one, please get in touch!

Hope to see you (either in-person or virtually) at the next meetup!

Josh and Mike


Dinesh Pandiyan

Visualizing the N+1 data fetching in GraphQL

A visual walkthrough of the N+1 data fetching problem and why it's more prominent in GraphQL than other tools. I have published an npm package - next-batch to help solve this problem in GraphQL resolvers. I would like to walk through that package and showcase how it works and how it compares to the popular dataloader package that we all love and use in all our GraphQL implementations.

Michael Staib

GraphQL Fusion: Rethinking Distributed GraphQL

In this talk, we're unpacking GraphQL Fusion, a new approach that makes building distributed GraphQL APIs easier. We'll explore how this approach lets your teams work independently by owning different parts of the company's graph and cover how you can reshape subgraphs to follow your company's rules. Come learn about this powerful tool that brings efficiency and customization to your GraphQL operations.

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Josh Price

Mike Buhot

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