First GraphQL Sydney Meetup

Get Ready For The Realtime Web

brought to you with ❤️ by Alembic and Apollo

We’re bringing together everyone who is as excited about the potential of GraphQL as we are.

A variety of short talks from passionate GraphQL practitioners will cover all aspects of GraphQL from frontend to backend.

Some light food as well as craft beer and cider on tap will be available.

  • Josh Price
    The GraphQL Landscape

    by Josh Price

    For such a relatively young API technology, GraphQL has won hearts and minds. The Community has grown rapidly and created a rich ecosystem of useful tooling.

    Josh will present a high level overview of the GraphQL ecosystem, the tech, as well as the companies who are building GraphQL APIs.

  • Keith Pitt
    Building User Interfaces with Relay and GraphQL

    by Keith Pitt

    Keith is one of the earliest and most passionate GraphQL exponents in Australia. Buildkite has boasted an easy to use GraphQL API written in Ruby for a long time now.

    Keith will show you how Relay makes building data layers for client web apps very straightforward and might even surprise you with some live coding.

  • Joseph Glanville
    Introduction to Apollo Client

    by Joseph Glanville

    Apollo Client is a flexible, community-focused GraphQL client for JavaScript.

    Joseph will cover why you may want a GraphQL client, the types of GraphQL clients available, how they work and why Apollo Client is a great choice for most applications.

  • Chris Giffard
    How GraphQL Led Us To Strongly Type Our Whole Stack

    by Chris Giffard

    When Autopilot first decided on GraphQL to form the basis of their new API — they, like most people — were primarily interested in the client-facing features.

    Ultimately though, GraphQL’s strongly typed interface caused us them rethink every layer behind the facade. Chris will take you on their journey to stronger typing and the benefits.

  • James Sadler
    Real-time APIs with GraphQL Subscriptions

    by James Sadler

    One of the features that gives GraphQL a major advantage over REST is it’s ability to take advantage of persistent connections and provide real-time updates to connected clients.

    Now that subscriptions has finally been merged back into the GraphQL spec, and HTTP/2 usage in on the rise, it’s time to take full advantage of this feature.

    James will demonstrate how you can use this in your own applications.

GraphQL Sydney Community

We're very excited to bring together the latest happenings in the rapidly growing GraphQL ecosystem.

Currently we're planning to host a meetup at least quarterly but will run them more often if there's sufficient interest.

Please join the community. We'll be tweeting relevant news and information from the GraphQL Sydney Twitter account.