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Get Ready For The Realtime Web

June 2017

We're bringing together everyone who is as excited about the potential of GraphQL as we are.

A variety of short talks from passionate GraphQL practitioners will cover all aspects of GraphQL from frontend to backend.

Some light food as well as craft beer and cider on tap will be available.


Josh Price

The GraphQL Landscape

Josh will give us a quick review of the current state of the GraphQL landscape and talk about what exciting things might be next.

Keith Pitt

Building User Interfaces with Relay and GraphQL

Keith will show us the power of building GraphQL client applications with Relay.

Chris Giffard

How GraphQL Led Us To Strongly Type Our Whole Stack

Chris takes us on a journey of types and how they benefitted the team at Autopilot.

Joseph Glanville

Introduction to Apollo Client

Joseph will look at another popular option for building client JavaScript applications - Apollo Client

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